• seminars and training
    seminars and training
    for mental health workers, social workers and pedagogues who work in the context of diversity, displacement and trauma
  • creative therapy
    creative therapy
    individual sessions for children or adolescents, dyadic parent-child sessions and counselling sessions for the whole family
  • Podcast and events
    Podcast and events
    providing information on creative therapy and community-based support for issues of difference, displacement, social injustice and trauma

creative therapy and counselling for

children, families and couples in Berlin

I offer community-based therapy and counselling services for children, families and couples in Berlin. My therapy approach is based on my training in psychodynamic art psychotherapy and in systemic family therapy. It is important to me to acknowledge that everybody faces their own unique challenges and questions. This also means that most couples and families need to navigate through different ideas or cultural perceptions of life. Some children are raised by one parent, while others have two mothers or fathers. Some couples don’t have children or they decide to foster. Sometimes two families merge together, at other times a family might decide to separate.

If a couple or a family member struggles with a transition or with other issues, therapy or counselling can offer support in a safe and reflective space. I offer sessions for children, families and couples as well as counselling for parents and dyadic parent-child sessions. Together we can discuss what kind of support is the most suitable in your situation.

Besides offering therapy, I cooperate with different institutions and organisations in order to support therapists, social workers and pedagogues through trainings and seminars. I work and consult with colleagues of the international creating links network whenever possible.

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using art in therapy

Particularly when working with children and young people, art and creativity can provide an easier and more accessible way for expression and communication than just using words. Within this context, art can also function as a medium to address emotional issues. The chance to express oneself in an open and supportive environment can enhance well-being and positively impact on the educational, social and psychological development of young people.

Due to their focus, art therapy sessions differ from art lessons or creative activities, although they can be enjoyable.
Clients do not need to have any previous experience or talents.

If you want to learn more about creative therapy in different countries, check out my creating links podcast.