creating links in Indonesia 2017

More than 120 volcanoes are currently active in Indonesia. Recent eruptions had devastating effects and forced many residents in surrounding areas to evacuate. Besides multiple losses, affected communities also have to deal with the psychosocial issues following traumatic experiences and displacement.

The Carolyn and Arie from the creating links network facilitated an interactive training programme for 28 professionals, students and volunteers working within disaster relief settings in Bandung, Indonesia in May 2017. Participants from fine arts, psychology and social work backgrounds joined the training on working creatively with trauma, loss and difference in relation to natural catastrophes.  The training was tailored to allow for an exchange and reflection on psychosocial issues in Indonesia. Besides the psychological effects of displacement and trauma, the group expressed their impressions of religious diversity and cultural values within their communities. Art-based activities and discussions encouraged skills-sharing between professionals and students from different backgrounds, facilitating a collaborative learning environment.

Outcomes were captured through verbal and written feedback and will allow for further development of future projects within Indonesia, where a member of the creating links team is permanently based.