creating links in Nepal 2017

Following rewarding and successful projects in 2015 and 2016 in Nepal, creating links continued to collaborate with the Psychology Department of Tribhuvan University in November 2017. 19 psychology and school counselling master students participated in our second training programme ‘Using Art in Therapy’. The participants shared their experiences in the field of mental health after multiple natural catastrophes in Nepal, such as the 2015 earthquakes and more recent floods and landslides that took place in rural areas. Besides human and material losses, many communities are struggling with ongoing socioeconomic deprivation and psychosocial difficulties.

Through experiential art-making and reflective activities the six module training programme  explored creative and traditional resources for therapy modalities within local communities. The importance of cultural rituals and religious mourning processes were considered in relation to Western psychological concepts. Within this frame the students discussed the impact of diverse religions, ethnicities and castes alongside issues of gender differences and equality.

The outcomes of previously delivered projects were used to advance and tailor this training programme further, according to local developments and needs. Our team aims to continuously monitor the effectiveness of our work through documentation as well as verbal and written feedback. We are looking forward to sustaining and enhancing our collaboration throughout the coming years.