Live Seminar for ADHD-Impacted Couples

This 1-Day seminar provides ADHD-impacted couples with psychoeducation, practical structures for managing tasks, conflict-solving and communication skills as well as facilitating empathy and understanding for each other.

Couples that are impacted by ADHD often become stuck in a range of difficult dynamics. The partner with ADHD can feel they're doing their best to satisfy their partners needs, but are still being nagged, criticised or controlled despite all their efforts. At the same time, the partner without ADHD often feels equally stressed and on edge. They might feel their partner never follows through on agreements and is just generally unpredictable – they either have to constantly remind them or find other ways to stay on top of situations. In addition, many non-ADHD partners report feelings of loneliness and frustration over being left alone with responsibilities around children, household, finances, etc.

What you will learn during this seminar

This 1-Day seminar provides you with basic understanding of common patterns between partners with and without ADHD. You will learn some practical management tools for chores and other tasks as well as conflict-solving and communication skills.

Psychoeducation – Understanding ADHD and codependent relationship patterns
Practical tools – Managing chores and structures for daily life
Communication skills and dealing with conflict

This 1-day seminar usually takes place in my practice in Berlin Neukölln. You'll be provided with learning materials and practice together in interactive exercises. There will be room for questions and sharing experiences with other couples. This is most suited for couples who are comfortable to learn new skills and practice together in a group setting. Please note that individual situations and personal history can be appropriately addressed in private counselling sessions.

  • Saturdays 10 am – 5 pm
  • In person in Berlin Neukölln
  • Psychoeducation & learning materials
  • Interactive exercises & group discussions
  • Max 4-5 participating couples


This seminar is perfect for you if you’d like to learn more about the impact of ADHD on relationships. Please contact me on if you want to learn about upcoming dates.