Coaching for Helping Professionals


Coaching for Helping Professionals

Supporting people with physical or mental difficulties can be rewarding, but it can also challenge and drain us – especially over time. Working as a therapist, nurse, teacher or social worker can be stressful and overwhelming. We might feel responsible for the wellbeing of our patients or clients and carry the weight of decisions or failures to help. At times we can’t “switch off” when we get home from work and the weekends don’t feel like enough time to relax and rejuvenate. On top of these emotional challenges, many helping professionals have limited access to personal support within their work environment.

After working in psychosocial and therapeutic services for over more than ten years, I’ve developed unique coaching programs to support people in helping professions on their journeys. The coaching process can contain supervisory elements, however, the goal is not to enhance the quality or efficiency of your work. It’s much rather designed to meet your personal needs as somebody who is confronted with the problems of other people on a daily basis.

This coaching program is of interest for you:

  • if you are frequently exposed to physical hardship or emotional difficulties
  • if you often keep thinking about your patients/clients after work
  • if you find yourself stressed or drained a lot of the time
  • if you want to be better able to set (emotional) boundaries
  • if you’d like to be more resilient and relaxed in dealing with daily stressors
  • if you’re currently unsure how to proceed in your professional life
  • if you want to retrieve the meaning of your work


Your individual coaching program is set over the course of three month. It’s tailored specifically to your situation and your personal goals. I’m aware that some helping professions are chronically underpaid. Therefore I offer a sliding scale based on your professional group and income. Contact me if you’re interested to find out more.