Episode 04: creating links in Lebanon: Interview with the art psychotherapist Dania Fawaz

Podcast about art therapy and ways to work creatively with displacement, trauma and difference

An interview with Dania Fawaz – conducted by Carolyn Krueger

In this interview Dania Fawaz shares her experiences of working as an art psychotherapist who trained in the UK with Syrian refugee populations in her native country Lebanon. She talks about the difficulties of working within challenging environments and how she herself dealt with compassion fatigue and symptoms of burnout when facing deprivation and trauma on a daily basis. She also reflects on therapeutic frames and how they might need reconsideration or tailoring when working in different contexts.

The book that has inspired Dania’s work is:

“The Body Keeps the Score” by Bessel van der Kolk


Music by Christian Umlauf, Olly and Joshua Booth

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