Episode 05: creating links in New York: An interview with the drama therapist Dr. Nisha Sajnani

Podcast about art therapy and ways to work creatively with displacement, trauma and difference

An interview with Dr. Nisha Sajnani – conducted by Carolyn Krueger

In this interview Dr. Nisha Sajnani speaks about drama therapy in the context of social justice as well as a critical pedagogy approach in the creative arts therapies. Dr. Sajnani is the Director of the Drama Therapy Program at NYU Steinhardt and she is also on faculty with the Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma. Amongst other publications, she is the Principal Editor of “Drama Therapy Review”, an international, peer-reviewed journal of the North American Drama Therapy Association. As an educator, Dr. Nisha Sajnani is a founding member of “Critical Pedagogy in the Arts Therapies” – a project that supports a teaching and learning approach which addresses social justice, inequality and oppression.   

A website that Dr. Nisha Sajnani recommends is:

Dr. Nisha Sajnani is the co-editor of:
“Trauma-Informed Drama Therapy: Transforming Clinics, Classrooms, and Communities” by Nisha Sajnani and David Read Johnson (eds.)


Music by Christian Umlauf, Olly and Joshua Booth

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