Seminars and trainings

Often institutions and organisations become of vital importance in fostering resilience and supporting vulnerable children and families. In increasingly diverse communities, psychosocial needs can range from emotional and social problems to trauma symptoms. Capacity building and skills sharing can support mental health workers, social workers and pedagogues to enhance their professional intercultural competencies. By training professional key figures we can work towards resilient societies with increased social responsibility.

Besides offering therapy and counselling services, I develop and facilitate trainings in institutions, universities and organisations in order to support mental health workers, social workers and pedagogues through trainings, seminars and guest lectures. I work and consult with colleagues of the international creating links network whenever possible.

Topics of my seminars usually are:

intercultural competence, working with trauma, migration, displacement, transgenerational issues, intersectionality, attachment issues, relationship dynamics, family dynamics and secondary trauma in professionals, self-care in helping professions

I have amongst others worked for:

Alice-Salomon-Hochschule Berlin, Save the Children Deutschland e.V., NSST Nepal, Positive Consulting, Interkulturelle Initiative e.V., Xenion e.V., Tribhuvan University of Nepal, Expressive Arts Nepal, Kopila Nepal, Autism Care Nepal, HfBK Dresden, Kinder- und Jugenddorf Marienpflege, Bodensee Institut für Traumapädagogik, ISA - Gesellschaft für Inklusion und Soziale Arbeit e.V., Lefika La Phodiso, Anschluss e.V. Bildungswerk